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Management Cockpit

Your organization in focus

SMART FED’s Management Cockpit is a highly efficient and effective management instrument for keeping an eye on the relevant topics of the organization and its developments at all times.
The object-oriented approach provides topical and concrete feedback that, due to its precision and clarity, enables direct and rapid action.
Additional rounds of evaluation are eliminated, as well as time-consuming discussions about the right action to take.
You immediately recognize where things are inhibiting and jamming or where things are having a positive effect on the performance, motivation and commitment of your employees.

From Feedback to Feedforward

The evaluation perspectives shown below will help you to organizationally assign and correctly weight the accumulated experiences and observations of your employees.

Time Perspective

Number of feedbacks broken down by feedback addressees, topics and criteria.

Thematic Perspective

Feedback App für Unternehmen
Number of feedbacks broken down by feedback addressees, topics and criteria.

Organizational Perspective

Number of feedbacks broken down according to their origin – e.g. departments, teams, staff units, branches etc.
In the thematic perspective, the open comments of the employees provide you with additional information on what exactly is valued or what needs to be improved in concrete terms.
The regular “re-evaluation of feedback” also provides important insights into the effectiveness and perception of implemented improvement measures.
This information is evaluated and published separately for you in the Management Cockpit.

SMART Feedback

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