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Protection of your anonymity

Important for you to know! Your organization cannot trace feedback data back to individual persons. The Management Cockpit only shows an anonymous evaluation of the feedback.
Information on the origin of the feedbacks, i.e. the organizational area of the persons (of course without mentioning names), is only broken down under the condition of the SMART FED anonymity rule.
Further information you will find on the website FAQ.

SMART FED Anonymity Rule

At least three employees from an organizational unit (department, team, etc.) must have given the same feedback before its origin is displayed.
This rule is applied separately for positive and negative feedback.

Privacy of your data

SMART FED guarantees you a maximum of privacy for your feedback data.
No one except you has access to your personal SMART FED account.
Access to your personal SMART FED account is protected by secure and state-of-the-art two-factor authentication.
All data is hosted on servers in Switzerland or, if desired, in Germany according to the rules of the GDPR.

SMART Feedback

for more authenticity through anonymity