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Stopping employee turnover

If you can’t afford to lose your best people.

Mitarbeiterfluktuation gezielt reduzieren
Until now, it has hardly been possible for larger companies to take a proactive approach to the internal causes of employee turnover. The working environment and the needs of employees are too heterogeneous, and organizational and technological change is too dynamic.
Traditional tools, such as employee experience surveys, are too inert and thematically limited to capture the full breadth and depth of the complex and multi-layered triggers in a timely manner.
There are dozens of potential reasons why employees quit. The challenge is to get to the root of the really relevant issues at the right time and in the right place.
This requires a fundamentally new approach in which the organization listens to its employees openly and unreservedly – 365 days a year.
In other words, if you want to tackle staff turnover proactively and at its roots, you need to offer your employees the opportunity to provide individual feedback on their experiences and ideas about their job and working environment at any time.
Not, however, via compulsive pulse or micro surveys, which only tire, but intrinsically motivated, anonymous and concrete, so that the authenticity of the feedback is guaranteed.
With SMART FED, companies now have access for the first time to a management tool that fulfills these central basic requirements for open and active employee feedback. This means that employees themselves determine what or whom they want to give feedback on and when.
Another crucial point of SMART FED is the focus on the only relevant question in this context: “What is valued or what needs to be improved?”
The SMART FED approach thus enables a completely new dimension to efficiently and effectively counter employee turnover, long before the pain threshold for internal resignation is reached.


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