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Intrinsically motivated employee feedback

Efficient & SMART Managing

With SMART FED you will feel the pulse of your organisation – genuine and direct.
Discover what your employees really appreciate and motivate.
Identify critical obstacles and conflicts that throw a spanner in the works of your company.
Use a unique and state-of-the-art approach for the employee feedback to increase productivity and effectiveness in your company in a targeted and sustainable way.

Feedback in modern and agile organizations

SMART FED is a management tool geared to the needs and requirements of the future world of work.
It enables useful and effective employee feedback even when teams and workplaces are in constant mutation.
For example through project work, fluid/seasonal teams, job sharing or freelancing.
Also discover our specific category for home office employee feedback.

Our goal

Efficient organizations with motivated and committed employees.
Mitarbeiter Motivation und Engagement
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SMART Feedback – The New Class of Feedback Systems