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Your Cockpit for Experience Management

Employee experience and observations are among the most important sources for more efficiency and effectiveness, but also for identifying risky developments and influences in and on the company.
SMART FED collects and accumulates employee feedback in a uniquely simple way across all fields of the world of work, with no time or thematic restrictions.
Receive concrete and differentiated feedback from employees and managers, which enables you to implement a goal-oriented and comprehensive experience management for your company.
The SMART FED Management Cockpit shows you developments and changes to all relevant influencing factors in your organization – 365 days a year.

Experience Feedback context of NewWork and Corona

In a radically changing world of work – digitalisation, agile organizations, elimination of management hierarchies etc. – it is particularly important to know where changes in the organization have an impact and how.
The same applies to the current corona crisis.
…for instance:
How efficiently and effectively can work be done in the home office?
Is efficient communication and coordination with supervisors and colleagues still guaranteed?
Are processes, competencies and responsibilities still up-to-date and appropriate?
How is the cooperation in the team or the overall organization under the new conditions?
The experiences and observations on this and a large number of other aspects should not be ignored even in times of crisis.
With the conventional “query and evaluation methodology” of the classic tools for employee surveys and employee feedback, however, you will soon reach the limits.
Not so with SMART FED!
The new, innovative approach of SMART FED enables unlimited experience feedback on all topics and criteria that are important for your company.
With the SMART FED Cockpit you have all key factors influencing efficiency and effectiveness on the radar at all times without losing the overview.
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Here you will find more interesting facts about SMART FED and the Experience Feedback Tool.

SMART Feedback – for an open and agile corporate culture