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Feedback App

SMART FED is a completely new designed feedback app with a consistently intrinsic approach.
The app is focusing on the following questions:
What do your employees appreciate and motivate them?
What has to be improved because it decreases efficiency and effectiveness?
For structured employee feedback, we provide you with a comprehensive selection of feedback addressees, topics and criteria. ⇒ more
Your employees can use the following functions in the feedback app:

Submit Feedback

This is the main function of the feedback app. This is where the feedback is entered by the employees.
If desired, each feedback can be additionally supplemented and specified with an open commentary.

Edit/Delete Feedback

Here employees can edit or delete their feedback up to 24 hours after entering it.

Re-evaluate Feedback

Employees can re-evaluate their feedback up to three times in a period of one year.
This means that they can give feedback on whether something has changed positively or negatively for them.
Further information about the feedback tool you will find under the following links:

SMART Feedback – The New Class of Feedback Systems