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SMART Feedback App

easy & direct

SMART FED is a completely new designed feedback app that breaks new ground.
A real-time monitoring tool for managers to identify at any time when and where in the organization it is burning, jamming and inhibiting.
The feedback app focuses on the two core questions that provide the decisive and relevant answers.
What do the employees appreciate and motivate them?
What needs to be improved because it affects the efficiency and effectiveness of their work or that of the organisation?
SMART FED uses an intrinsic approach to fundamentally change and simplify employee feedback.

What is no longer available at SMART FED?

Questionnaires limited and focused on those topics that essentially reflect the feedback needs of the questioners.
Evaluation scales, which, regardless of their form, become at some point only laborious.

What is there at SMART FED?

A comprehensive catalogue of topics on which employees themselves decide what or to whom they would like to give feedback ⇒ Feedback Categories
A bipolar feedback with concentration on what really counts.
SMART FED collects the feedback where it is important and interesting for the employees:
… with their experiences and observations in their immediate working environment;
… with their real problems and challenges.
It requires only 4 steps until the employees have given their concrete feedback with a clear and unambiguous statement.
Discover now how easy and direct experience feedback should be today.
Step 1
Selecting the addressee
Step 2
Selecting the topic
SMART Feedback for employees
Step 3
Selecting the criterion
SMART Feedback for employees
Step 4
Submit Feedback … finished!
SMART Feedback for employees
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SMART Feedback – for the generation Y & Z ... and uncomplicated people