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The Feedback App

... that picks up experiences and observations of your employees and makes them visible.

The new generation of feedback tool that fundamentally changes the way employees will give feedback in the future.
SMART FED is based on a unique open and intrinsic approach that motivates employees to give feedback because they can …
a) decide for themselves when and for what they want to give feedback;
b) focus on a simple and clear question – What is appreciated by them or should be improved?

Four steps to feedback

Discover how easy and direct Employee Experience Feedback should be today.
Step 1
Selecting the addressee
Step 2
Selecting the topic
SMART Feedback for employees
Step 3
Selecting the criterion
SMART Feedback for employees
Step 4
Submit Feedback … finished!
SMART Feedback for employees

Note: The pictures show the GUI of SMART FED on the Smartphone.

As a web app, SMART FED can also be used on any desktop PC, notebook or tablet ⇒ Technology.

Further information about the feedback tool you will find under the following links:

SMART Feedback

... for the generations Y & Z and uncomplicated people