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SMART Feedback

360° Scan

SMART FED provides companies and organizations with the opportunity to actively listen to their employees.
SMART FED captures and consolidates employee feedback in a uniquely simple way across all areas of the work environment.
It provides a comprehensive and deep insight into the organization at any time, without taking away the employees’ desire and motivation for feedback with lengthy questionnaires or annoying continuous surveys.
This is possible because the employees themselves decide when and what they want to give feedback on.
Intrinsically motivated and therefore topical, relevant and authentic.

Advantages & Benefits

SMART FED, with its unique approach, offers a variety of benefits for different stakeholders in companies and organizations.

… for HR Business Partner

You have an efficient monitoring tool to identify organizational developments, changes and influences in a systematic way and in real time.
You shorten the distance from detection to action through a “continuous response” approach.
It eliminates time-consuming projects for you to prepare and conduct employee surveys, including the creation of questionnaires.

… for Executive Boards / Management

You easily and systematically identify the relevant fields of action to optimize and increase productivity and effectiveness.
You focus your energies and resources on the things that really move your organization forward.
A 360° scan also gives you the assurance that you will not miss any creeping or hidden developments that could damage the image, reputation or the integrity of your organization.

… for Employees

They can actively and constructively contribute to the elimination of inefficiency and ineffectiveness at any time.
Their feedback focuses on the issues that are really important in their organizational unit and environment.
In contrast to traditional surveys, this means
• No tedious working through an endlessly long list of questions.
• No complicated questions and evaluation scales.
• No constantly annoying prompts to give feedback.

… for Works Council & Data Protection Supervisors

Depending on the form, country-specific legislation and internal company regulations, employee surveys require prior assessment and approval by the works council / works commission and/or data protection officer.
This effort only occurs once with SMART-FED’s tool, as it is a permanently available feedback app and not a time-limited employee survey.

SMART Feedback

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