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SMART Feedback

Sustainably increase the performance of organizations.

Every organization has disruptions, conflicts, and other barriers that reduce performance.
However, working from home, new work and agile structures make it increasingly difficult to identify the causes and influences in a targeted and timely manner.
SMART FED has therefore developed an early warning system that provides precise information in a complex working environment where things are inhibited or stuck and why.
It accumulates experiences and observations of employees and indicates when developments exceed a critical threshold.
Your Benefits

Vou recognize,

where disruptions and conflicts negatively impact efficiency and effectiveness;

where changes affect the motivation and engagement of your employees;

where behavior and actions jeopardize the corporate image and reputation.

You set the right priorities in the right place at the right time,

to provide optimal conditions for the best possible performance;

to reduce employee turnover;

to minimize organizational risks.

Your Advantages

You concentrate your resources in organizational development on fields of action that hold the greatest potential here and now or require your urgent attention.
You eliminate elaborate survey projects or continuous pulse and micro surveys that ultimately just tire your employees out.
You convince as an employer with a future-oriented platform that meets the requirements of the younger generation for more self-determination and meaningfulness also in employee feedback.

SMART Feedback

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