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Feedback Tool

Does the feedback tool conform to the ISO 9001 standard with regard to the requirements for feedback from interested parties (employees)?
Yes, in fact, it is much better than an employee survey, as the feedback tool gives employees the opportunity to give feedback on all their needs, including the situation at work and on the job. This can be done at any time, directly and concretely.
An employee survey can practically not provide such comprehensive and timely feedback at all, because otherwise it would have to be infinitely long and would have to be conducted much more regularly than is the case in many organizations.
Replaces the feedback tool and the personal appraisal interview?
No. The personal appraisal interview with superiors is a direct, bilateral feedback dialog and also a container where very personal matters of the employees are discussed. Feedback is also given here (or should be given here) in both directions, very openly and only structured to a limited extent. This form of feedback can and will never replace the SMART FED feedback tool.
Are employees asked to give immediate feedback when they are given access to the tool?
No, that is exactly what the SMART FED feedback tool does not want. Employees should give feedback when they have a specific concern resp. need, which is topical and relevant for them at the moment. It is not a classic tool for measuring employee satisfaction or employee engagement at a point in time.
Is the feedback tool an alternative to the company suggestion scheme?
No. The feedback tool has a few fundamental differences from the suggestion system, although one of the main objectives is identical, namely to improve the productivity and effectiveness of an organisation. However, SMART FED’s feedback tool takes a different approach to this, which differs as follows:
1. The feedback tool not only provides indications of what needs to be improved, as in the case of the suggestion system, but also shows what employees appreciate.
2. In contrast to the suggestion system, the employee does not have to make a suggestion for improvement of his own, which is not easily possible with many organizational topics.
3. Even though every single feedback is important, it only becomes really relevant for the organization when the feedbacks on a certain topic accumulate. In the case of the suggestion system, on the other hand, each individual suggestion must be dealt with directly.
Can organisations define their own feedback parameters?
No. However, we would be interested in receiving your suggestions and requests if you miss feedback addressees, topics or criteria or if you have suggestions for improvements. Whenever possible and generally applicable, we will take them into account in one of our next updates of the feedback tool. Please use our feedback form for this purpose.
In which languages is the SMART FED feedback tool available?
Currently, the feedback tool is available in English and German. Additional languages can be added if required.
How can employees be recorded and managed in the feedback tool?
The employees can be uploaded or managed manually (individually) or via EXCEL import.
Interfaces for automatic synchronization of employee data with the HR modules in ERP systems can be implemented on request.
Is it possible to use the Feedback Tool limited to individual organizational units?
Yes. There is no lower limit in terms of the number of employees recorded. You can therefore first invite specific employees from a single organizational unit, for example, to try out the feedback tool in a small group. Later, you can then add employees from other organizational areas step by step without losing or falsifying the previous feedback data.
Is there an ideal time to introduce the feedback tool in an organization?
No. You can start anytime. In contrast to the classic survey, the feedback tool serves as a permanent management tool without fixed time windows for the submission of feedback. This means that the feedback is always real-time and can be analyzed in a temporal context.

Feedback App

Can I give the same feedback several times in the tool?
Each employee can only give feedback once in a period of 12 months on a single feedback criterion.
However, within the 12 months where the feedback criterion is blocked, the employee can reassess the situation up to 3 times ⇒ Evaluation of changes.
Is the anonymity of my feedback guaranteed despite a personal account with my name?
Yes, your organization does not have access to your personal account or the raw data in the feedback app. Without exception, the feedback you provide will only be made available to your organisation in anonymised form via the Management Cockpit for further analysis.
The only exception to this is your personal comments, where you can decide for yourself whether they are forwarded anonymously or with your name.
Further information on the topic “Protection of your anonymity” can be found here.
Can my organization track if and when I logged into the feedback app?
Basically yes, if you use the feedback app on a device (of any kind) that is connected to the internal IT network (including WLAN / WiFi) of the organization.
If you want to be sure that the use of the feedback app by your organization cannot be tracked, you should therefore do so via private or public Internet access.
What happens if I do not(!) activate my personal account in the feedback app?
Nothing at all. In this case you are only registered with your name and e-mail address in the admin module of the feedback tool.
Can my organization see if I have activated my personal account in the feedback app?
No. Your organization has no information about which employees have activated their personal account.
How can I log in to the feedback app if the login link is no longer available or my email address or phone number has changed?
In these cases, please contact the SMART FED Administrator in your organization. This person can send you a link for re-authentication.

SMART Feedback

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