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About us

smart-fed AG

Founded: 2018
Head office: Bad Zurzach / Switzerland
Founder/CEO: Martin Mechlinski

Our Philosophy

SMART FED stands for an open and intrinsically motivated employee feedback.

topical – relevant – authentical

We are convinced that open and self-determined employee feedback is an essential prerequisite for the timely and reliable identification of all kinds of developments and changes in organizations.
Traditional employee surveys and feedback apps with their time and thematic restrictions carry the risk that the really relevant problems and challenges in the organizations remain hidden for too long.
We also believe that complex and academically evaluated questions or statements in surveys are counterproductive to obtaining authentic employee feedback. The concrete goals behind the questions and statements often remain unclear for many employees, leading to uncertainty and misinterpretation.
For this reason SMART FED focuses on a simple and clear question:
What is appreciated or what has to be improved?
This question is unambiguous and is understood by all employees regardless of their level of education.
We are not interested in measuring employee satisfaction and commitment, nor in assessing the leadership qualities of supervisors and management. There are already a huge number of solutions on the market for this purpose.
SMART FED helps you to recognize what your employees really appreciate and motivate, or where disruptions, obstacles and conflicts affect the productivity and effectiveness of your organization.
Feedback that makes sense.
agile, active & direct
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SMART Feedback

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