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About the person

Martin Mechlinski - CEO SMART FED
Martin Mechlinski
Founder / CEO smart-fed AG
Nationality: German
Residence: Switzerland
Martin Mechlinski is the owner and founder of smart-fed AG.
SMART FED was founded by him in 2018 with the goal of replacing passive employee feedback – restrictively prescribed – with active and intrinsically motivated feedback.
This is mainly for two reasons:
1. passive and restrictive feedback no longer fits to the agile NEW WORK culture of modern companies.
2. employee feedback should finally meet the basic requirements of individuality, authenticity and relevance.
In SMART FED, therefore, three core attributes shape the basic character of the feedback tool:
• self-determination ⇒ feedback without time and thematic restrictions
• simplicity ⇒ bipolar feedback
• clarity ⇒ concrete and constructive feedback

SMART Feedback

for organizations that anticipate the future