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Feedback Home Office

NewWork Challenge

SMART FED offers a dedicated and comprehensive feedback module for the home office.
It takes into account the special needs and manifold challenges of employees who work partly or entirely in the home office.
In comparison to a classic status survey, SMART FED keeps the topic “home office” permanently on your radar.
In this way, you will always be able to detect quickly and precisely where things are sticking or getting stuck in your employees’ home office, and can take immediate and targeted action.
Also ideal for SMEs, as it is cost-effective and very easy to handle and use!
The following video gives you a detailed insight into the SMART FED home office feedback module.

Home office – Feedback topics & criteria

Online/Web meetings
Collaboration tools
ICT equipment
Office equipment
Access to IT systems
IT support
Home office rules
An overview of all feedback categories (addressees and topics) can be found here.
For more information about SMART-FED’s feedback app, see the following links:

SMART Feedback

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