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Open Employee Experience Feedback


Companies permanently run the risk of not being aware of creeping and hidden developments within their organization.
This applies both to positive developments, where opportunities remain unused, and to negative developments and changes that sooner or later become a risk.
With key figures or the classic surveys and feedback apps, it is only possible to track these developments and changes to a limited extent and if so, then often too late.
There are two main reasons for this:
1. The long time delay until these instruments react to developments and changes.
2. The fact that the instruments are only able to scan a very small section of critical parameters and influencing factors.
Only when negative developments and changes are reflected in poor performance indicators, increased employee fluctuations or massive customer dissatisfaction do the alarm bells ring.

Not so with SMART FED

SMART FED’s Open Experience Feedback offers employees a completely new form and opportunity to react quickly and directly to developments and changes. Without time delay and limited to single topics!
In this way, you receive timely and highly relevant information on how and where positive factors increase performance or negative factors become obstacles and risks for the company.
With the SMART FED Cockpit you have all influencing factors regarding efficiency, effectiveness, image and reputation on the radar without losing the overview.
This allows an efficient and adequate response. Instead of “elephant projects” for “mosquito problems”, an agile and determined intervention at the right place, at the right time and with appropriate intensity.

Fast & effective!

SMART Feedback

for innovative and agile organizations