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Employee Experience Feedback

Employee Experience Management

SMART FED differs from classical employee surveys as well as micro surveys in the following points:

  • The tool is available to your employees 365 days a year – … without any time limits for giving feedback.
  • It contains a comprehensive catalogue of feedback addressees, topics and criteria on the basis of which your employees can give feedback.
  • Every employee decides whether, when and for what subject he or she wants to give feedback – … purely intrinsically motivated and authentic!
  • SMART FED doesn’t measure and evaluate employee satisfaction, commitment or mood, but collects and cumulates experiences and observations from their everyday work and work environment. In other words, which factors currently influence their job, work processes and results.

Consequences and benefits of the Employee Experience Feedback:

You only receive feedback on those topics that are currently relevant to your employees in their individual context. This inevitably means that feedback will be received on different topics and at different times from the individual organizational units.
This is deliberately intended …
a) in order to recognize positive and negative developments within an organization immediately and to be able to assign them correctly;
b) to identify the relevant disruptions, obstacles and conflicts in the individual organizational units and to assess them correctly.
This is the only way to react efficiently and adequately. Instead of “elephant projects” for “mosquito problems” an agile and determined intervention at the right place, at the right time and the appropriate intensity.

Fast and effective!

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